World Around Us

  • World Around Us is about the nature: plants, rocks, stars, animals and, of course, about us, humans, as we are a part of the nature as well.

    In this class, we cover the following topics:

    • Seasonal changes in nature
    • Planets of the Solar System, satellites, constellations
    • The interior structure of the Earth
    • Rocks and minerals
    • Volcanoes
    • Landforms (mountains, plains, oceans, etc.)
    • Weather (what is fog, types of clouds, what is humidity, etc.)
    • Water cycle and water properties
    • Continents
    • Plants – structure, diversity, unique examples • Diversity of the animal world
    • Humans (skeleton, feelings and emotions, muscles, resperatory and digestive systems)

    Each of these topics is structured to develop students’ curiosity, high level thinking skills and appreciation of the surrounding world. Classes are designed with age differences in mind. A variety of teaching methods are used during classes, including dialogue with the students, flashcards, power point presentations. The goal is to develop the students' content vocabulary, their skills as young observers and researchers.

    At the end of each lesson children create a product that students are happy to share with thei parents.