• Natasha Wiegelman (Mom of Nicholas, 6):

    My son Nicholas started going to School of Russian Language, Literature, and Arts over a year ago. He loves it! School’s program is very rich – ranging from learning alphabet, reading, and writing to crafts, arts, music, and drama. All teachers are wonderful women with a lot of experience of working with children. They are always very attentive and kind to every student. Even though classes are held in a classroom of several children, every student gets individual attention.

    Before this school, Nicholas heard very little of Russian language, primarily from me. And when other people tried speaking Russian with Nick, sometimes he did not understand them. He did not know a single letter of Russian alphabet. After only few months of once a week classes, not only he learned Russian alphabet, he also started reading! Now he is showing more and more interest in speaking the language – he tries to answer my questions in Russian.

    I am very grateful to the teachers of this school for the knowledge that my son receives. If it was not for School of Russian Language, Literature, and Art, Russian would be lost for Nicholas.

    Pavel Gavrichev (Father of Alina, 4):

    About a year and a half ago we found out about the School of the Russian Language. At the time it was a bit early for our daughter to start attending the School, so we had to wait for 6 months before she could become a student there. During those 6 months my daughter was constantly asking about when she’d be able to go to the Russian School!

    When she finally started taking lessons at the School, she could understand when people were speaking Russian to her but couldn’t respond in Russian. It was mostly English that she used when talking to other children. Now, after having been a student at the School for a year, she can communicate in Russian pretty well. Besides, she has mastered the Russian Alphabet.

    We are very thankful to the teachers for the thoughtful and detailed approach to the learning process and for personal attention to every student's progress and success.

    Julia Morozova-Soto (Mom of Evva, 4):

    Our daughter started taking music lessons before she turned three. She enjoyed playing instruments with other kids and learning songs and dances.

    Once she turned three, she started taking Russian language classes. While she would not learn letters at home with me, she loved learning everything at school. Every week, she was given homework that included lots of poems, games and stories. It was obvious that teachers put a lot of thought into putting that packet together. It was enough homework to spend 10-20 minutes every day during the week.

    Next year, we added art and drama to our studies. Art program is also well-thought-through. Kids learned colors of the rainbow, how to mix colors and created a number of projects.

    We are so incredibly lucky to have a Russian school in Nashua. The teachers pour their hearts and souls into school and it shows in the progress of our children, their ability to communicate in our native tongue. When I come to the Christmas show, Mother's Day concert and end-of-the-year recital, I feel like I traveled back in time to the concerts of my childhood, with lovely music, creative programs, children's laughter and parents' pride.

    Many thanks to the creators of the school and their staff for their hard work with our children.