• Natalia Kaghashvili, Russian Language Teacher

    Natalia Kaghashvili has a Master’s Degree in English and Linguistics from the University of New Hampshire (Durham, NH) and a Master’s Degree in Foreign Language Education from Vladimir State Pedagogical University (Vladimir, Russia). Natalia has taught Russian, English and German languages to children and adults in Russia and the United States, including teaching advanced Russian language and literature courses to students at the University of New Hampshire. She is currently an ELL Teacher in Massachusetts. She has two daughters (14 and 11 years old).

    Julia Stryzhenko, Russian Language Teacher

    Julia Stryzhenko graduated from Kharkiv State Pedagogical University (Kharkiv, Ukraine) with a Masters’s Degree in Teaching Russian Language/Literature and English Language/Literature. Julia has taught English and Russian at the Kharkiv State Pedagogical University for three years while working on her PhD thesis in Russian Literature. After moving to the United States, Julia has taught Russian privately. Julia has two sons (16 and 10 years old).

    Irina Rubinshteyn, Music Teacher

    Irina Rubinshteyn is a graduate of Kiev Pedagogical College with a degree in pre-school teaching and music teaching. In Kiev, Ukraine, she worked as a music teacher in a day care center for children 6 months to 7 years. After relocating to the United States, Irina graduated from St. Anselm College with a degree in Political Science and minors in International Relations, Russian Studies, and Education. Irina worked at Pinkerton Academy in Derry teaching Social Studies, at Chester Academy with special needs students, and at Hampstead Central as an ESL instructor. For the past 13 years Ms. Rubinshteyn has been a stay- home mom, teaching private piano and kinder music classes, and various evening programs in Derry.

    Larisa Bazarova, Art Teacher

    Larisa holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering specializing in Architectural Planning from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering as well as a Diploma from Obninsk School of Arts (Obninsk, Russia). In addition, Larisa received a Degree in Multimedia Studies from College of Marin (San Rafael, CA). Upon receiving her degree, Larisa worked as a Tutor in Multimedia Studies Program at the Department of Visual Arts, College of Marin. After relocating from California to New Hampshire, Larisa focused mostly on raising her children (14 and 11 years old). Please click here to see some of Larisa’s works.

    Elena Trikoz, Teacher of Mathematics

    Elena graduated from Institute of Industrial Chemistry, Moscow, Russia, with M.S. in Chemical Automation Engineering. Upon graduating, she worked as an engineer in the field of automation of chemical technological processes. Ten years ago Elena transitioned from a professional engineer to an educator. She has been teaching math at preschool and elementary school levels. Her goal has always been to pass on her love for math to children, to ignite their interest in solving math problems and beat the challenges. Elena’s two daughters, ages 28 and 22, achieved excellent grades in all math subjects and standardized tests thanks to Elena's knowledgeable support.

    Diana Erickson, Chess Club Teacher

    Diana graduated with honors from the Department of Social Technologies at Far Eastern State Technical University (Vladovostok). After receiving her diploma, Diana studied Political Science at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Upon her return to Russia, Diana taught sociology, psychology and political science at FESTU and then earned her PhD of Social Sciences at Ural State University (Ekaterinburg). Since moving to NH, Diana has focused on her family. She has 3 children (9, 12 and 13 years old). Currently, she is a cardio kickboxing and body combat instructor and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Diana has been studying chess since she was 5 years old. Now, it’s a favorite family game at her household. Her enthusiasm for the game extends beyond its rules and strategies to how those skills can be applied to life.

    Anjelika Starosselskaia, Russian Langauge Teacher

    Anjelika graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University with a degree in Elementary Education Pedagogy and Methodology. She has extensive experience in working with children of different ages. She has worked as an Elementary Teacher and Geography Teacher for 15 years at one of the schools in St. Perestburg. She has experience as an Assistant Director of Curriculum and Director of the Charitable Fund for Development of Extracurricular Children's Programs. Anjelika has a 9-year old son.

    Olga Yurovskaya, Russian as a Second Language Teacher

    Olga Yurovskaya graduated from Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk, Russia) with a degree in Teaching Science (Geography and Biology) with honors. After graduation she worked as a Science Teacher at a Secondary school in Tomsk. Later Olga got a degree in Marketing from Tomsk State Polytechnic University and started her career at Tomsk State University. She worked as a specialist in developing and promotion programs in continuing education. Her last position was as Head of the Educational Department of the Institute of Distance Learning. After moving to the United States, Olga participated in the Startalk Program for teachers of Russian language. Olga has two children (17 and 12 years old).

    Yulia Glotov, Russian Language and Mathematics Teacher

    Yulia graduated from the Karelian State Pedagogical University with a degree in Foreign Languages (English, German) in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Before she transferred to the University, she had studied English and Early Education at the Petrozavodsky Pedagogical College for two years. During her student years, she had an opportunity to improve English and learn British culture in the Stanton School of English in London, UK. She worked as an English as a Second Language teacher with children of different ages before she moved to the United States. After coming to the this country, Yulia participated in an exchange program that gave to her an opportunity to take some English courses at the Language Skills English School and Computer System Institute (Boston, MA) and study History and Culture of North America at the Massachusetts Bay Community College. Julia worked as a tutor of English and Russian for a number of years. Currently, Yulia is an Assistant Teacher at Hillside Middle School (Manchester, NH) while working on her teaching certification to become an ELL teacher.

    Marianna Lundberg, Russian Language and Mathematics Teacher

    Marianna graduated from Odessa State Medical University as a Pediatric Dentist and worked at the Children Dental Clinic in Odessa, Ukraine. She loved working with kids and could always find connection with her young patients. After moving to Houston, Texas, she went back to school and received an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene from the Lone Star College. Marianna worked as dental hygienist for a number of years before moving to New Hampshire. Now Marianna is a mom of three children. In her free time she likes to draw, paint, do needlepoint, flower design and clay modeling.

    Mikhail (Mike) Uzunishvili, English as a Second Language Teacher

    Mikhail graduated from Georgian Teacher Training University with a Master's Degree in Teaching English. Mikhail is fluent in English , Russian and Georgian. He taught English at UNESCO sponsored courses at Georgian Technical University. After moving to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, he worked at Nekrasov Teacher Training College as a Senior English Teacher. In 2000 he joined New Planet language school and taught there until relocating to Nashua, New Hampshire. Mikhail is into traveling, good books and movies as well as jazz music of the 50's and 60's. He has two adult daughters and a 9 year old granddaughter.

    Yulia Glotov, Russian Language and Mathematics Teacher

    Maria Avkshtol, Teaching Assistant

    Maria graduated from Altai State Institute for Art and Culture with a degree in Bibliography. Afer graduation, she worked as a bibliographer at Altai State University Law Department. One of her responsibilities was teaching bibliography to the first year students . Maria has been actively involved in all aspects of school development since the foundation of School of Russian Language, Literature and Arts in 2009. Maria has a 11-year old daughter.