Chess Club

  • The CHESS CLUB at our School is very popular! We invite children 6 yers and older to join the Club.

    Playing chess allows children of school age to expand their horizons and teaches them skills that can be applied in different aspects of life: critical thinking, attention to detail, patience, endurance and perseverance. The game of chess helps to improve memory, develops resourcefulness and ability to foresee different situations.

    Attending the Chess Club is beneficial for children of different ages. Younger students will learn about the rules of the game: how to position the board and place the figures on the board, how to start the game and how to checkmate.

    Older students will become familiar with the principles of the strategy: how to recognize weak and strong moves, how to decipher the intentions of the opponent, how to seize the initiative in the game and attack the opponent.

    After just a few lessons students will be able to use the diagram and independently solve different chess problems. The theoretical material is applied in practice immediately. During the classes at the Chess Club students work on their self-control and patience. We teach our young players to control their emotions during the game and respect their opponents.

    The game of chess is a great pastime for children and their growing minds. While playing chess with their friends, children acquire persistence and perseverance in extreme situations, since each move in the game requires decisiveness, courage, willingness to take risks. Our practice and experience show that children enjoy playing chess with their peers – when a child sees eagerness in his opponent, he tries his best as well.