English as a Second Language for Adults

  • A1 level suggests that by the end of this level students should be able to understand as well as use certain phrases and collocations of everyday communication. At A2 level students acquire skills to express their opinion in routine situations. They are able to talk about themselves in the present, past and future tenses. After completion of B1 level students show skills to keep conversations going. These usually cover such topics as shopping, family, work, appereance, etc. At B1+ level students learn to fully understand their interlocutor's ideas and get their message across. By the end of this level students master skills that enable them to speak about their life experience, plans and hopes. They should be able to express their opinion on some everyday issues and concerns.

    Mikhail Uzunishvili graduated from Georgian Teacher Training University with a Master's Degree in Teaching English. Mikhail is fluent in English , Russian and Georgian. He taught English at UNESCO sponsored courses at Georgian Technical University. After moving to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, he worked at Nekrasov Teacher Training College as a Senior English Teacher. In 2000 he joined New Planet language school and taught there until relocating to Nashua, New Hampshire. Mikhail is into traveling, good books and movies as well as jazz music of the 50's and 60's. He has two adult daughters and a 9 year old granddaughter.

    Small group lesson - 90 minutes - $30
    Individual lesson – 60 minutes - $40