Science Club
If you are looking for a way to ignite the spark of science and creativity in your child, our school’s Science club is a fun and challenging program for your child to do so! Science club meetings allow students to advance their knowledge and skills in the STEM direction (Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics). Students are provided with unconventional practical problems including some typical SAT tasks and detailed explanations of the solution. Homework help and assistance is offered in the end and during the class. The program combines American and European methods of teaching STEM subjects, not limited to the use of I.G. & G. P. Homchenko, V. A. Kryzhanovsky, L. Landau, E. T. Jaynes, P. Atkins etc. books and various SAT preparation materials. The Science club will have classes till mid-June 2018.
The classes are held once a week (there are two options for you to choose from):
• Tuesdays at 4 pm – 5pm
• Sundays at 12 pm – 1pm
First meeting is on Tuesday March 13 (if you choose Sundays to attend the club, the first meeting is on Sunday March 18th)
Recommended age: 11+
Monthly payment: $82
The teacher: Zarina Baidalinova – biology and chemistry tutor, ESL certified teacher fluent both in English and Russian, and a science geek.

Home Cooking and Craft-making
Our School offers a Cooking and Craft-making class for children 8-13 years of age. The course includes two sections:
Cooking: preparing hot sandwiches and canapes
Craft-making: beadworking, origami, decoupage, crochet, sewing, scrapbooking, and embroidery
Classes will take place once a week.
Age 8-10: Tuesdays 4:00 to 5:00 or Sundays 12:00 1:00
Age 11+: Tuesdays 5:00 to 6:00 or Sundays 1:00 to 2:00
Monthly fee: $62 + $25 one time supplies fee
Teacher: Ornbasar Makarov

  • School of Russian Language, Literature and Arts was founded in 2009.

    Our main goals are:

    • to help children from Russian-speaking families maintain and improve their knowledge of the Russian language;

    • to familiarize them with great works of the Russian writers and poets, composers and artists;

    • to help them learn and understand Russian cultural traditions;

    • to offer them a safe and stimulating environment where they can freely communicate with each other and enjoy the learning process.

    All instructions are conducted in Russian by teachers who are native speakers of the Russian language. Our teachers are highly qualified with strong academic background and teaching experience.

    In our School we do not limit ourselves to one teaching approach but combine the best methods of Russian and American educational systems to get better results. We also believe that each student is unique and progresses at his/her own pace.