Russian as a Second Language

  • The knowledge of foreign languages gives people new opportunities: to feel at home in another country, to read books in the original, to understand the culture of a different country through communication with native speakers.

    Our School offers opportunities to learn Russian as a Second Language to children and adults.

    RSL Program for Children

    Children have the natural ability to learn a new language when they start young. Learning a language early improves memory and analytic abilities, strengthens problem-solving skills and boosts abstract thinking. The program we offer is intended for children who do not speak Russian. It begins with introduction of the basic elements of the Russian language. The goals of our program are to teach children the following skills and knowledge in Russian:
    • speaking
    • listening
    • reading
    • grammar
    • vocabulary enrichment
    • ability to use correct verbal responses in different environments (at home, in the classroom or with Russian-speaking friends)
    • acquaintance with everyday life realities and objects in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and other (popular games and toys, children’s verses, songs, fairy-tales, animated cartoons, films)

    RSL Program for Adults

    Beginner Level
    This course is for beginners with no previous training in or minimal knowledge of Russian. We are going to study the Russian alphabet, basic reading rules, greetings and polite words, directions and places in cities, Russian names, family members and professions.

    Elementary Level
    This course is designed for those who can read Russian and know some basic phrases. After completing this course you will be able to communicate in simple practical situations like introductions, ordering food in a restaurant, buying things. We are going to study past, present and future tenses of verbs and all cases of nouns.

    Pre-Intermediate Level
    This course is for students who can speak Russian using simple sentences and are familiar with the fundamentals of Russian grammar. In these lessons we will pay more attention on developing listening and speaking skills. By the end of the course we will speak only in Russian during the class.

    Each course consists of 10 lessons and costs $300.

    RSL Instructor for Adults : Olga Yurovskaya

    My name in Olga. I invite you to an interesting process of studying the Russian language. First, what I tell to my students - the Russian language is not a difficult one, it is a very logical and structural language. If you would like to try, please register for classes and you will get:
    * practice with a Native Speaker
    * simple and clear explanations of the Russian grammar based on latest methods of teaching
    * interesting activities with materials from real life
    * knowledge about Russian traditions, holidays, and etiquette for different situations
    * friendly and positive atmosphere during our lessons
    Будет интересно! Приходите!!!